The ’11’ Day Countdown – Day 7: Ninja X.T.A.S.E MultiMedia Project Still in the Works

Again still Hoping/Wishing Upon A Star/Angel (what or whoever they may be) to get my Dream Multimedia Project Done. It still might go thru a few changes, but the Essence of it still remains. Again thanks for all the Support over the years if it doesn’t happen.

Next PIOBeat/PIOSystems Instrumental LP, ‘XI’ is Coming Soon…

Simply Titled ‘XI’ it’s the ’11th’ Beat Instrumental LP in the PIOBeat line of Releases. I’ve been really busy of late (and kinda burnt out/tired) so I will have all the tracks up on Youtube soon. But for now, check out the 1st Track, titled ‘One’ here on Soundcloud:

Thanks for Listening and Being Patient!

Warning About Downloading Apps/Games/Music By PIOSystems From 3rd Party Sites..

Official Sites That Hosts PIOSystems Apps/Games/Music

Hope Everybody had a Fun Labor Day Weekend….now that Summer is unofficially over, we have a Quick PSA From PIOSystems: Please only Download, Purchase or Play any Game, App, Music, etc from PIOSystems at the Following Approved Sites! I’ve been seeing my Apps (.exe and .apk) ripped and hosted on various sites on the Internet, but I can’t guarantee that they will be free of any Viruses, Malware, Phishing Trojans, etc. so beware and Download/Access those sites at your own risk! Any Apps/Games/Music uploaded to the following approved sites have been scanned and screened to be Free of any Malicious Software or Viruses At the Time of Upload:

– PIOSystems
– Google Play
– Amazon App Store
– Facebook Gameroom
– Itch.Io
– YouTube
– Soundcloud

And also check with those sites Privacy/Terms of Use on how they deal with those Issues. So please, if you see any other project from PIOSystems listed at another site and it contained any Malicious Software, please contact me and I will deal with it accordingly. Thanks!

The 5th Year Anniversary of the Start of ‘Trap Dat Ninja’…

About 5 years ago around this time, I started the development of my first Video Game and Mobile App, tentatively called ‘Trap Dat Ninja’. After attending a Mobile Application Development course at Touro College here in NYC, I decided to Test out what I have learned on a DEMO Gaming App. And as you know, the rest is history (which I will go into detail in the future!) Here is a initial Sprite Character Design Concept I had for the main Character of the Series, Mr. Shinobi (which was the working name I gave him at the time, and it stuck to some capacity)!

1st Concept of Mr.Shinobi from ‘Trap Dat Ninja’

New ‘FAQ’ (Frequently Asked Questions) Section On ‘PIOSystems’

I’m adding a New ‘FAQ’ (Frequently Asked Questions) here on PIOSystems.Ninja…in my travels and online, many ask me many Questions about my Company (the colors, the name, the logo, etc) and about myself, Kwaku Wynn (again, my name meaning, where I’m from, etc). So over time, I will add and update this section with some background info and history about Me, My Company and other Miscellaneous tidbits and fun facts that many inquire about! Again, thanks for visiting and supporting PIOSystems!

PIOBeat Instrumental LP, ‘Dragon Spirit: The Path of the Ninja’ is now Officially Released

The Lastest PIOBeat Instrumental LP is now out…Dragon Spirit: Path of the Ninja

This LP is another ‘Ninja’ Themed Album (usually coming around this time every Summer) with the Chinese Zodiac Dragon (which is the Sign that falls on the Year Producer Cue Spinna was born) Divinely Protecting the Ninja as he goes on his Missions in Life. Check it Out and Thanks for Listening!

PIOSystems is Now on Instagram

PIOSystems is back from Hiatus, currently conducting the ’11’-Day Countdown…we are now on instagram, so you can follow us here:

Not really that active over there, but PIOSystems will post updates there from time to time. Thanks for following, and have a safe and fun 4th of July Weekend Holiday!