Trap Dat Ninja Series

Trap Dat Ninja is a series of Retro Inspired/Pixel Based Video Games. Trap Dat Ninja, which was officially released in 11/11/2015, was the 1st Video Game/Mobile App created and published by PIOSystems. The 1st Major Update, Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX was released 11/11/2017 and both games are currently available on the Google Play App Market, PC and Amazon App Store. Coming Soon to Apple iOS, Mac and other Markets!

Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX Official Gameplay Trailer

Developed, Produced, Coded and Composed by Kwaku Wynn, it’s a Pixel Arcade Shooter were you play as Young Sky Nyame, an upstart Ninja-In-Training that is tasked by the Matron at the Home Ninja Dojo, Nana Paulina Asase to investigate on the activities of the Mysterious Main protagonist/antagonist of the game, code-named ‘Mr. Shinobi’ by the kids at the Dojo.

Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu is the upcoming Sequel that’s now in Development and Coming Soon!