Trap Dat Ninja

Retro Arcade Action Bullet/Shuriken/Ninja Star Hell Shooter!

Play as Sky Nyame (pronounced N-YAH-MAY), a young upstart Ninja who is called upon to take on the notorious Ninja Posse, Led by the enigmatic, somewhat mysterious Mr.Shinobi

– Fun Action Bullet/Shuriken/Ninja Star Hell Shooter!

– Colorful Retro Arcade Style Graphics!

– Cool Synth/Electro/Hip Hop influenced Soundtrack

System Requirements:

Desktop/PC: Windows XP or Later

Mac/OS: macOS X Mountain Lion or Later

Android: Android 5.0 Lolipop or Later

Game Developement Tools/Programs:

Game Engine: GameMaker Studio

Where To Find | Play | Purchase ‘Trap Dat Ninja’: –

Trap Dat Ninja Official Gameplay Trailer

Developed, Produced, Coded and Composed by Kwaku Wynn, it’s a Pixel Arcade Shooter; you play as Young Sky Nyame, an upstart Ninja-In-Training that is tasked by the Matron at the Home Ninja Dojo, Nana Paulina Asase to investigate on the activities of the Mysterious Main protagonist/antagonist of the game, code-named ‘Mr. Shinobi’ by the kids at the Dojo.