Prices and Rates

PIOSystems offer various Services for any Digital Media your Company may need. We strive to provide high quality, reliable and efficient work with your satisfaction in mind. Please read the following for PIOSystems Rates (in US Currency)

Note to Large Corporations: Any Large Corporation, Major Record Label, Technology Company or Fortune 500 Company Must Contact Me (Kwaku Wynn) here at PIOSystems for any inquiries for anything we offer here. Again, my email is so please contact me before using any product or service we offer.


Standard Rates

***UPDATE: Due To Pandemic And Other Family Personal Issues, PIOSystems Game Dev Services will be available very Limited Basis Until Further Notice***

2D Games: Prices Start at $11,000 (plus any expenses related to Graphical Assets/Sprites etc)

3D Games: Prices Start at $250,000 (again, plus any expenses related to Graphics, 3D Models and Animation, etc)

Again, these rates are tentative; final quotes are dependent on number of Levels, Graphical Assets, Music/Sound F/X and Miscellaneous Programming Add-Ons such as Uploading to specific Markets/Platforms such as Android/iOS Mobile Development, Gaming Consoles such as Nintendo, Sony, etc and/or PC/Html5 and Mac OS Operating Systems. So please keep this in mind about any inquiries about developing/designing any Interactive Game.


Non-Commercial Uses

Any Music Production (or ‘Beats’) from PIOBeat/PIOsystems that’s already online or released (On Soundcloud/Youtube/Etc) are Free to Use for all Non-Commercial Projects. This means you can use it for any project you don’t plan to profit off of it or sell it. Examples of this include School/College Projects, Home/Indie Projects, Music or Game Demos, Etc.

Commercial Uses

Any Music Production (or ‘Beats’) from PIOBeat/PIOsystems that’s already online or released (On Soundcloud/Youtube/Etc), if available (some will be labeled ‘Off The Market’) can be used for a licencing fee, depending on what you would like to use it for:

Basic License: With this License, you can use any Beat for most Commercial Projects that’s on a limited Budget for price between $10-$100. This is good for Indie Dev Companies, Music Labels, etc. Please note, this isn’t an ‘Exclusive’ Licence, so PIOBeat/PIOSystems still retain ownership and publishing of the Music Track.

Exclusive License: With an ‘Exclusive’ License, you or your company have the ‘only’ right to use any Beat Produced or Composed by PIOSystems. Depending on the Price/Negotiations. Both your company and PIOBeat/PIOSystems retain a 50/50 publishing/ownership of the Music, or you can outright pay for the Beat for Full Ownership. Prices start at $1000, so please contact me for more information.


Any other services we provide (Songwriting, Graphic Art, Consulting Work, Special Appearances, Etc) please just contact PIOSystems at Some of these services are new to the Company, so please contact me if I’m able to perform them up to your standards.