Zodiac Ninja Attack!!!

UPDATE: Zodiac Ninja Attack!!!  Is Being Put On Hiatus:

The ’11’ Day Countdown – DaY 7: ‘Zodiac Ninja Attack!!!’ Officially Put On Hiatus

Thanks For The Support And Hope To Restart Development Soon!

PIOSystems 1st 3D/Polygon Mobile Game!

PIOSystems next Game project, tentatively titled ‘Zodiac Ninja Attack!!!’, is currently in development. It’s a bit similar to ‘Trap Dat Ninja’ (which started out as the test game for it), but probably will add some Tower Defense and Puzzle elements to the game.

Over the course of development and design, the game went from being a 2D Pixel Game to a 3D/Polygon Game.

Also, a companion Game, ‘Zodiac Puzzle Attack!!!’ is a causal Puzzle Game that’s in the concept stage; In the process of Designing the Layouts, Gameplay, Etc.

Will post updates as the games progress!