Trap Dat Ninja 2

TRAP DAT NINJA 2: The UBER Shinobi-fuu

The Sequel to the Hit Gaming App Now Available! Try The DEMO

The Sequel to the Hit Game, ‘Trap Dat Ninja’, ‘The Uber Shinobi-Fuu’ finds Mr/GrandMaster Shinobi and the rest of the Ninja Posse getting ‘Trapped’ by having his scheme foiled by none other than Young Ninja Sky Nyame.  Now, you must help him Break out of Confinement so he can complete his Mission!

System Requirements:

Desktop/PC: Windows XP or Later

Mac/OS: Coming Soon

Android: Coming Soon

***Where to FIND | PLAY | DOWNLOAD ‘Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu’*** –

Google Play – Coming Soon

Amazon – Coming Soon

Facebook Games – Coming Soon

Developed, Produced, Coded and Composed by Kwaku Wynn, it’s a Retro Hyper Casual Pixel Arcade Game