FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I. About PIOSystems

II. About Kwaku Wynn

III. General and Miscellaneous


Q. When Did PIOSystems Start?

A. PIOSystems is a company I (Kwaku Wynn) started back in 2002 unofficially while I was attending College (Florida International University) in Miami. While working as a DJ, I was using the name ‘Pionear’, which was a play on the Company ‘Pioneer’ that produced the Digital CDJ-1000 Turntables I used.

Pioneer CDJ-1000 Decks

Then from there, after possible copyright/trademark issues, I went on to use ‘Cue Spinna’ as my DJ/Producer name, and kept the 1st 3 letters from ‘PIO’near and added ‘Systems’ at end because a ‘System’ is the complete rig you use (Speakers, Mixer, Turntables, etc) while Djing. It’s also a nod to one of my favorite 80s Synth/Electro/R&B Groups, ‘The System’.

Q. Why Did You Choose The Colors Turquoise and Purple For PIOSytems?

A. The Main Colors (Turquoise and Purple) are not only my favorite Colors, but also Colors representative of the Colors on my Zodiac Chart:

My Zodiac Sign is Aquarius…And the Ruling Planet for Us Aquarians is Uranus, which is a Bluish-Green Color (Turquoise, Cyan, Aquamarine, etc), while my Birth Month (February) Birth/Gem Stone is Amethyst, which is a Purple Color. So it don’t have to do with anything else, like copying off Prince (Love him as a Musical Artist!) or any Gang-Related Nonsense (Never was in one, and at my age, probably never will). So it’s All in the Stars, as they say 😉

Q. How Did The Design Of The PIOSYSTEMS LOGO Come About?

A. I made a Blog Post about this earlier this year on 3/14 (‘PI’-Day):


To Re-Cap, basically is a combination of the of Greek letter/symbol ‘π’ (pi), in cased by the letter ‘O’ (in a circle). And the little slash thru the left vertical line is a homage to the Kanji symbol ( ) for ‘Blade’ , which is part of the ‘Ninja’ Kanji (忍術) since it resembles it somewhat…


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