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Kwaku Wynn is a Digital Media Artist | Designer | Producer and Primary Owner of PIOSystems

Kwaku Wynn is a Digital Media Artist/Designer and Indie Game/App Developer who is in the process of getting his start-up, ‘PIOSystems’ off the ground.  

Born in Atlantic City, Kwaku is a former DJ and lifelong Gamer who took his 1st Computer Class and Coding Lessons in Middle School, and then went on to learn various other Coding Languages in High School and College.

Yup, It’s Been A Rough Couple of Years
15 Years Sober and Counting…

After going through a rough period in his life dealing with Loss, Depression and Other Personal Issues, Kwaku decided several years ago (around 2011) to relocate to New York City and Create a Mobile Game. Doing it himself instead of hiring a Freelance Dev, He took a course in Mobile App Development and used various Computer Programs to design, code and develop his 1st Game, ‘Trap Dat Ninja’.


Now in the process of getting his Life and Business back together, Kwaku currently have 3 games published on Android, PC and Amazon Marketplace called ‘Trap Dat Ninja’ and ‘Trap Dat Ninja:REMIX’ and a  DEMO of a platformer called ‘Doogie Fun Adventure’ that’s in BETA testing and scheduled for release soon . He also produce, develop and design other things such as Music, Graphic Art, Books, etc. with other ideas planned for the Future.   

If anyone have any other Questions (about Business, Apps, Music or anything Personal and Private) please feel free to contact him here at the Following Link:


Thanks For Stopping By and Stay Blessed!

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