Happy St Patty’s With the Ninja LeprEChaun!

Yup the Mysterious Ninja Leprechaun (appearing in the upcoming Intro Cinematic in the next update) who came and Broke Mr.Shinobi outta his Holding Cell…where did he come from? Who sent him? Who knows, but play the Full Version of Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu to find out!

New Demo for Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu


Updated the Demo for Trap Dat Ninja 2, now it has Collisions, Score and Lives along with new Enemies and a Boss at the End. Still working on the Control Scheme among other things, also would like to put up an HTML version playable in your Web Browser, so hopefully I will be able to continue to improve and update the game. As always, Thanks for your support!

The ’11’ Day Countdown ENDS – Day 11: TRap Dat Ninja 2 Teaser Trailer

The 1st Teaser Trailer for Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu has Dropped. Also a new Re-Worked Demo is up as well so check them both out!

Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu Teaser

The ’11’ Day Countdown – DaY 7: ‘Zodiac Ninja Attack!!!’ Officially Put On Hiatus

I’m sad to Announce that the Development on ‘Zodiac Ninja Attack!!!’ and it’s companion game ‘Zodiac Puzzle Attack!!!’ has been put on Hiatus for the moment, as I get my Health, my Company and other things in my Life back in order. I still would like to put the Game/s out, but I will have to retool on overhaul the overall Design and Look of the Game (as I did with the Graphics over time). So it will probably keep the name, but an entirely new Game Engine and Design to it. Again, hopefully if I ever get things straighten out I will be able to have the appropriate Time and Finances to devote to the Game that I have the Vision for. As always, thanks for all the support over the Years!

The ’11’ Day Countdown Ends – Day 11: Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu is Finally Released!

After 7 Long Years, Mr. Shinobi will finally get his chance at Freedom! The long awaited Sequel to the hit Mobile Game, Trap Dat Ninja, the newest title has you playing as the former Antagonist to find his way t0o Freedom!


The Game still has some missing elements (due to some personal things I’m currently going thru) but hopefully will be finished by the end of the year. I will update regularly so try it out and keep returning for new additions to the Game.

Again, thanks to everyone who supported the 1st Trap Dat Ninja and other projects from PIOSystems over the Years. After a rather tough and perplexing 2022 (which still isn’t over with) I really hope to get things together and Grow the company in to the business I Dream about nightly; if not, well it was one helluva ride and had decent memories and fun in trying. So take care all, and stay Blessed.

The ’11’ Day Countdown – Day 8: Trap Dat Ninja Merch

Official Trap Dat Ninja Merchandise in the Works; here’s a T-Shirt and some Stickers for the soon to be released Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu! Thanks to the people over at StickerMule for the Items!