The ’11’ Day Countdown – Day 5: Adinkra Symbols of West Africa

On Today’s Countdown, I talk about something that’s kinda dear and personal to me. It’s the Adinkra Symbols from West Africa. When I 1st learned about them at College, I was astounded and surprised at the same time that a Region in Africa (besides Egyptian Hieroglyphics) had some type of written Language, something I would have never learned about in traditional US Schools.

So over the years, I studied them and use some of them in my Graphic Art/Gaming project; I chose probably the most Famous and Known Symbol, ‘Gye Nyame‘ as one of my Main Logos in various Projects.

These are some of the Variations I’ve done of the Original Gye Nyame, with the 3rd one the current one I use for many of my Projects (Mainly the Zodiac Ninja Apostle Series). I will also make a Personal Page for them in the Future, but for now you can read up more on them over in the FAQs section of PIOSystems. Again thanks for reading and if you have any Questions, just Post a Comment or reach out over on the Contacts pages.

The ’11’ Day Countdown – Day 3: Prices And Rates

Again, Prices and Rates For Whatever Services We Provide…With Everything Going on with The Pandemic, it’s very important for Small Businesses and Freelance Entrepreneurs get adequate funding and compensation for our Work. We accept Many forms of Currency and Payment Methods, such as Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, PayPal, Cash, Credit, Etc. All Business Inquiries Please Reach Out at 11aninja11@gmail…Again and Always, Thanks 4 Your Support!

The 5th Year Anniversary of the Start of ‘Trap Dat Ninja’…

About 5 years ago around this time, I started the development of my first Video Game and Mobile App, tentatively called ‘Trap Dat Ninja’. After attending a Mobile Application Development course at Touro College here in NYC, I decided to Test out what I have learned on a DEMO Gaming App. And as you know, the rest is history (which I will go into detail in the future!) Here is a initial Sprite Character Design Concept I had for the main Character of the Series, Mr. Shinobi (which was the working name I gave him at the time, and it stuck to some capacity)!

1st Concept of Mr.Shinobi from ‘Trap Dat Ninja’