Happy St Patty’s With the Ninja LeprEChaun!

Yup the Mysterious Ninja Leprechaun (appearing in the upcoming Intro Cinematic in the next update) who came and Broke Mr.Shinobi outta his Holding Cell…where did he come from? Who sent him? Who knows, but play the Full Version of Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu to find out!

New Demo for Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu


Updated the Demo for Trap Dat Ninja 2, now it has Collisions, Scoring and Lives along with new Enemies and a Boss at the End. Still working on the Control Scheme along with other things and developing a HTML version that’s playable in Web Browsers. Updates and Improvements will continue, so thanks for the support!

The ’11’ Day Countdown ENDS – Day 11: TRap Dat Ninja 2 Teaser Trailer

The 1st Teaser Trailer for Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu has Dropped. Also a new Re-Worked Demo is up as well so check them both out!

Trap Dat Ninja 2: The Uber Shinobi-Fuu Teaser

The ’11’ Day Countdown – Day 10: 5th Year Anninversary of ‘Purple AmetHyst’ LP

Purple Amethyst

Taking a Small Break from making Beats, so I will share some throwback PIOBeat LPs for their Anniversaries. ‘Purple Amethyst’ debuted 5 Years ago this time (actually on the 11th) in 2018. With the color Purple and all of it’s shades and hues as the theme, it’s one of PIOBeat’s LPs that was Released before the Relaunch of the PIOSystems site. Take a listen if you haven’t already.

The ’11’ Day Countdown – Day 5: Adinkra Symbols of West Africa

On Today’s Countdown, I talk about something that’s kinda dear and personal to me. It’s the Adinkra Symbols from West Africa. When I 1st learned about them at College, I was astounded and surprised at the same time that a Region in Africa (besides Egyptian Hieroglyphics) had some type of written Language, something I would have never learned about in traditional US Schools.

So over the years, I studied them and use some of them in my Graphic Art/Gaming project; I chose probably the most Famous and Known Symbol, ‘Gye Nyame‘ as one of my Main Logos in various Projects.

These are some of the Variations I’ve done of the Original Gye Nyame, with the 3rd one the current one I use for many of my Projects (Mainly the Zodiac Ninja Apostle Series). I will also make a Personal Page for them in the Future, but for now you can read up more on them over in the FAQs section of PIOSystems. Again thanks for reading and if you have any Questions, just Post a Comment or reach out over on the Contacts pages.