Warning About Downloading Apps/Games/Music By PIOSystems From 3rd Party Sites..

Official Sites That Hosts PIOSystems Apps/Games/Music

Hope Everybody had a Fun Labor Day Weekend….now that Summer is unofficially over, we have a Quick PSA From PIOSystems: Please only Download, Purchase or Play any Game, App, Music, etc from PIOSystems at the Following Approved Sites! I’ve been seeing my Apps (.exe and .apk) ripped and hosted on various sites on the Internet, but I can’t guarantee that they will be free of any Viruses, Malware, Phishing Trojans, etc. so beware and Download/Access those sites at your own risk! Any Apps/Games/Music uploaded to the following approved sites have been scanned and screened to be Free of any Malicious Software or Viruses At the Time of Upload:

– PIOSystems
– Google Play
– Amazon App Store
– Facebook Gameroom
– Itch.Io
– YouTube
– Soundcloud

And also check with those sites Privacy/Terms of Use on how they deal with those Issues. So please, if you see any other project from PIOSystems listed at another site and it contained any Malicious Software, please contact me and I will deal with it accordingly. Thanks!