The ’11’ Day Countdown – Day 9:

Zodiac Puzzle Attack!!! is a Companion Game to Zodiac Ninja Attack!!! It will be aimed at more causal gamers who like to play Mobile Games (and PC/Mac/Console too) such as Candy Crush, Tetris, etc. Now in the Planning Phase, will continue to update as development progresses.

Zodiac Puzzle Attack!!! Companion Game

The ’11’ Day Countdown – Day 8:

Another Picture from the upcoming ‘Zodiac Ninja Attack!!!’ Tower Defense Shooter that is currently in Development. Here is another Stage, the ‘Graveyard’ which finds or Heroine Aquarii Akua fending off the ‘S.N.E.A.K.’ Clan of Ninjas who are robbing the Graves for Loot! Still working Hard on it, hope to have a Demo by this Summer!

Trap Dat Ninja:REMIX new Gameplay Trailer is Now Online

Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX new Official Gameplay Trailer

A new revised (or ‘REmixed’ 😉 ) Gameplay Trailer for Trap Dat Ninja:REMIX is now online. I didn’t like the 1st trailer (it had a few errors with clipping and whatnot) so I decided to do another one.

Trap Dat Ninja:REMIX is now available on Google Play and on PC!