The ’11’ Day Countdown – DaY 7: ‘Zodiac Ninja Attack!!!’ Officially Put On Hiatus

I’m sad to Announce that the Development on ‘Zodiac Ninja Attack!!!’ and it’s companion game ‘Zodiac Puzzle Attack!!!’ has been put on Hiatus for the moment, as I get my Health, my Company and other things in my Life back in order. I still would like to put the Game/s out, but I will have to retool on overhaul the overall Design and Look of the Game (as I did with the Graphics over time). So it will probably keep the name, but an entirely new Game Engine and Design to it. Again, hopefully if I ever get things straighten out I will be able to have the appropriate Time and Finances to devote to the Game that I have the Vision for. As always, thanks for all the support over the Years!

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