The ’11’ Day CountDown: 2022 Summer EditioN – Day 1

PIOSystems is back with another ’11’ Day Countdown…after missing the 2022 Birthday Edition earlier in the Year, we are back with some new Developments.

Normally, I don’t post alot of news about my Personal life here on my Biz site, but one of the Main reasons the Feb2022 ’11’ Day Countdown didn’t happen because of a Medical Issue that developed. Earlier this year I experience Numbness on the Left side of my Arm/Shoulder Area when I woke up in the Morning after working out the previous Day when I was on Bizcation. While it went away the next day, about a Month later it came back and stayed for a longer time. So I went back to NYC and went to the Emergency Room and after X-Rays and MRIs learned I had a Spinal/Nerve Condition known as ‘Radiculopathy’:


After being Diagnosed with that (and being prescribed Medication that had an adverse effect on me) a few options that was given to me was Back/Spinal Surgery to relieve pressure between the Disc or Physical Therapy. In the Meantime I had to switch up some of my Habits, such as Carrying Heavy Bags and Loads on my Back. It also affected My Work; as one of my Main Jobs outside of PIOSystems is being a Messenger/Courier.

Me In The ER

Hopefully I won’t need require any Major Surgery as the ease of not having to Carry Heavy Objects made the Pain go away somewhat. But there is still leftover damage from over the 10 Years of Working with and Lifting Heavy Objects and carry Heavy Loads on my Back. I have follow up Appointment and maybe another MRI/X-Ray to see if things Improved.

So keep me in your Prayers everyone as I heal, and Hope to get my Biz Funded so I won’t have to do any more Back Breaking work in order to support my Biz/Life.

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